voice.PNGYou can use the regular Voicethread for a small amount of creations.

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$60/year or $10/month
K-12 Solutions
Ed.VoiceThread is a web-based communications network for K-12 students and educators. Simple, powerful and safe, Ed.VoiceThread is a place for creating and collaborating on digital stories and documentaries, practicing and documenting language skills, exploring geography and culture, solving math problems, or simply finding and honing student voices. Watch an overview, visit our K-12 Products page, or download our K-12 brochure.
  • An accountable environment where all users on the network are known users, responsible for their content and behavior.
  • Restricted to K-12 educators, students and administrators, all content is created or vetted by registered members of the community.
  • There are no Free accounts, students may only participate after being added by their teacher or school, and student email addresses are not required.

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